This Home Automation Company Projects 22.5x Growth In 2 Years

We have a dossier queued up featuring a promising home automation company that:

  • Already has generated $5mm in sales
  • Projecting $50mm of revenue in just two years
  • Is protected with 5 patents and more on the way

Amazon just purchased iRobot. Google and other tech companies have acquired an array of home automation companies over the past few years. 

Don't miss out on another one.

Our first company is in two hot and growing sectors. Home automation and energy savings. They are now entering new markets that could supercharge their already impressive growth.

Their product ups the luxury of homes and businesses at a fraction of the cost of its competition. It can also cut energy costs for homeowners and commercial property owners - a growing concern with persistent inflation.

Home automation companies can be incredibly successful. And the good ones don’t last for long. Look at these examples:

 You can invest in this company today at only $1 per share, a valuation of less than $50 million.

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