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Welcome to the private placement big leagues. Are you ready to learn how to profit? If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in private placement opportunities and want to know more. For far too long, private investments have only been available to the Wall Street elite. Thanks to new legislation in the last decade, that’s no longer the case.

But simply knowing that you can invest in private companies isn’t enough anymore. The private market has become so saturated with deals, that it’s nearly impossible to decipher a great opportunity from a bad one. Last year, there were more than 1,000 Regulation A filings with the SEC and more than 3,400 filings for crowdfunding opportunities.  

That’s where the Deal Report has a never-before-seen edge. Thanks to our exclusive relationship with industry-leader DealMaker, we have access to millions of data points in the private sector that no one else has access to.

They’ve processed over $1.3 billion in private deal transactions, providing substantial insight into what deals have worked, and more importantly, what deals haven’t. With a free subscription to Deal Report, you get access to the education tools that our top analysts have developed through this data.

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  • A weekly education e-letter that teaches you the intricate details of the private markets and arms you with the knowledge to navigate deals
  • Updates on trends we see in the private markets, including the catalysts that sparked those trends
  • Exclusive monthly founder interviews with executives from successful closed deals, breaking down factors that made the deal successful
  • Do’s and Don’ts in the market: Red Flags and Green Flags about C-Suites and P&L structures.
  • Capital Raise Round analysis
  • Sector Analysis into mining, tech, ESG, event Crypto and emerging sectors

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